30 September 2013

Thing 71 - Photosharing Sites

Just recently, I had an opportunity to be looking at photosharing sites so was pleased to see Thing 71.

My spouse is the  family genealogist; if he let himself do so, he'd spend most of his time working on genealogy. Consequently, we have a family membership in the local society.  I support his hobby by editing and producing the monthly e-newsletter, which includes photos. Some of the photos in the newsletter are also added to the photo page of the Society website.

The Society website was designed with a photo page that uses ZenPhoto but uploading, organizing and labeling the photos is tedious at best and frustrating at worst. Moreover, the end product hasn't appealed to the membership so it isn't looked at. Consequently, the Board of Directors decided to look for a more user appealing vehicle which was easier to maintain.

I looked at Picasa  because the newsletter has its own e-mail account, a gmail address. I was somewhat familiar with Picasa but had never used it. Picasa now seems to be dependent on Google+ which was annoying. Moreover, that it didn't accept the Society name as a valid user name, led me to rule it out.

I'd used Shutterfly for a personal project after taking a personal interest class on it through SCC Continuing Education. That too has changed since I  used it. Though it wouldn't have taken long to brush up on it,  Shutterfly didn't seem to be the right choice either.

Next, I did a  search for photo sharing sites and read descriptions of several mentioned in the article Christa included. I reviewed Instagram, SmugMugg and 500px but ruled each out for one or more reasons.

In the end I chose Photobucket. The website isn't too cluttered looking which is a big thing with me. Loading photos is easy as is tagging and labeling.  The site was very easy to share with my two evaluators - both of whom responded positively -  and plans are to add a link on the Society website.  Eventually some of the photos will get put into a story.

Right now, it isn't an issue that Photobucket doesn't have a mobile app; it is more important to determine if members are interested in having photos available to them. If not, the use of photos will be limited to the newsletter.

Below, is a thumbnail photo of two of our Board members,  and our Education committee chair (standing)

What do You Think? photo DSC_0017_zps9f81ce3f.jpg

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